Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It seems that hardware failure is epidemic, and can even spread through human contact. I went with two friends to Kungsberget this weekend, and apparently David's hardware problem have now infected my machine as well. Not that any of the symptoms are the same, though. Did I say that I ramble sometimes?

The major issue at the time is that the USB support seems to be shot. I think it started a week or two ago when the machine refused to boot. BIOS complained about "DISK BOOT FAILURE...", and I was getting a little nervous having suffered several harddrive failures recently. Well, I decided to be a little optimistic, and out of a hunch I entered the boot menu and selected the correct harddrive to boot from, and things worked nicely. It seems that suddenly there is a conflict between my external USB backup drive, which was what the machine was trying to boot from. Anyway, I don't reboot very often, so I didn't think more often.

Yesterday I shut down the machine in order to mount the case on a new set of wheels, and when I tried to bring it up today, only some USB devices seemed to work. The mouse doesn't work at all (I've tried several different mice), the keyboard works sometimes. My external soundcard also works sometimes.

These two might be related, but I really have no clue. I don't even know where to start troubleshooting. "usb doesn't work" gives me 27.5 million hits on Google. I think I'll just power down the machine, and hope that things will magically improve tomorrow.


Richard said...

Those Ikea computer carts are really quite good. (I bought one about a year ago.) Simple, straighforward design, few parts, stable, and fairly high WAF.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for the contamination. But my system is up now and seems to be in good health.

I solved the WAF part by putting it in a closet. It has the added benefit of keeping the shoes and clothes warm and dry.

JesperE said...

The WAF is no problem. The computer is under a desk which she and I share, and I think that most of the things on the desk which shouldn't be there are hers. Together with the cart we bought two Helmer "lådhurtsar" and an extra oak desk-top to get some more desk space.