Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mobile broadband in Ubuntu Jaunty

Writing using mobile broadband in the archipelago outside Stockholm...

Getting the broadband dongle from 3 to work, I braced myself for an afternoon of twiddling around. To my surprise it actually worked directly out of the box. Well, almost. The dongle wasn't recognized directly when inserted, but had to be manually added in the Network Manager. This was really easy; I just selected "3 (Bredband)" in the wizard, and typed in the PIN code when asked to. After that, everything worked. (Not too good bandwidth though, but I can live with that.)

This actually makes it even easier to use from Linux than from Windows, where you need to install a special client application, manually start the client application, enter the PIN, and connect to the network.


David said...

I still think you need to use the windows app to remove the pin code, though.

JesperE said...

Actually, no. I got a dialog to enter the PIN-code in.