Thursday, April 5, 2012

Google+ Message megafail

I usually like Google and their products, but what on earth went through their minds when they decided to add functionality to Google+ which is not available on the web? I'm of course talking about "Huddle" aka "Google+ Messenger", which Google decided should only be available on mobile devices. Some collective design meltdown? Aliens inflitrating the usability testing department? I don't know.

Several times I've gotten notifications on my phone -- bear in mind that messenger and regular notifications look more or less identical -- and when I log in to G+ on my desktop, the conversation is nowhere to be found.

Not only is this a bad design decision for messenger, it causes the entire G+ to be less useful for me, since I suddenly have two devices I have to check in order not to miss things people send to me. This is annoying enough with both G+, Facebook, Twitter, and all other things I use to communicate with people.

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